Carrs Lane Lived Community

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Last Updated Sept 2017


Carrs Lane Lived Community is a small group of people attempting to live together as a Christian Community at the heart of a busy city. Our community life is built around a rhythm of daily prayer, a shared life together, openness to others in hospitality and service to the city in which we live, pray and work.


Choosing to try and live this life does not make us stronger or better than anyone else, rather we live in community as weak and fragile people. It is our awareness of our weakness which leads us not to attempt to sustain ourselves by our own efforts, but rather to draw on a deeper source than just ourselves. Our life together is sustained first and foremost by entering into a relationship with a God who loves us more deeply than we can ever understand or imagine, and by an attentiveness to the needs and gifts of one another.


We are attempting to live a challenging life which is only possible because we know that we are loved by a Trinitarian God who calls us into relationship with himself and one another.




"For where two or three gather together in my name, I am there with them."

Matthew 18:20