Carrs Lane Lived Community

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Last Updated Sept 2017

If you have read our community life agreement and feel its vision corresponds to your own search to live out your Christian faith in community, we would love to hear from you and explore together whether the Carrs Lane Lived Community is the right place for you.

The Carrs Lane Lived Community is open to those over 18 and welcomes members from any Christian denomination, (as well as those who hold their denominational identity very lightly).


First and foremost, members have the desire to live a life fed by a rhythm of community prayer: it is this which informs and inspires everything else we do. The prayer is the lifeblood of the community and the desire to share in this is what binds us to one another through all our human foibles and failings!


Prospective members are first encouraged to come and meet with us informally, and then to spend some time living here to discern together what is right. Do get in touch if you wish to explore this further.

Time to explore

Joining the community

As well as long term community members wishing to make an open-ended commitment to our shared life, we welcome those who wish to spend a short time living with us as part of their journey. We invite all those who join us, for however long, to live by the spirit of our community agreement, committing to a life of community and service structured around a routine of prayer. Please do get in touch if you think this might be helpful as you explore where your faith is calling you next.

We offer the possibility to spend "a year in community", a more structured programme which involves spending up to a year living the rhythms and routines of community life and working with various voluntary projects to engage with the life of the city. While this has previously run from September to June, it is open to applicants at any time and can be adapted to suit. Get in touch if you are interested.

And if you know this is not the life for you ... well you are still very welcome to come and visit some time: just ask!

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