Carrs Lane Lived Community

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Last Updated Sept 2017

We aim not to be a closed group concerned only with itself and our own relationships with one another. Together, we look outwards. Our community commitment calls us to look beyond ourselves, in providing hospitality to others and in serving the city in which we live, work and pray.


As part of our community agreement, community members commit to working part-time, leaving us time to honour our commitment to a life of prayer, hospitality and service.

Openness to others

"Dear children, let us love one another, not with words or speech, but with actions and in truth."

1 John 3:18

Holy Habits - Gladness and generosity

While we share our daily life with one another, and structure our life around a regular routine, each community member is involved in different activties, and for each of us, each week can look very different to the last.


Our life is rich and varied ... and at times exhausting. Some of our engagements are easily identified and explained, others are less tangible and more difficult to define. There is rarely an easy answer to the question "But what do you do?!" If you want to find out more about what our life looks like, you are very welcome to come and visit and spend time alongside us.

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