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"For where two or three gather together in my name, I am there with them."

Matthew 18:20

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On the first Tuesday of the month we seek to reflect on and engage with a bible text. We do not hope to find concrete answers, but to reflect on a passage in a way that allows the text to speak into our lives and experiences. We invite you to also share in those reflections.


Matthew 2: The Epiphany Story


1)   What leads me to God?


2)   If the Magi are following the star, why do they end up in Jerusalem? Do I see any parallels with the reality of my experience of jouneying with / towards God?


3)   The Magi "return by a different path" after encountering the infant Jesus. Why is this significant? What encounters in my own life have prompted me to change direction or choose alternative routes?


4)   Joseph, Mary and Jesus escape to Egypt, but other children are killed. How comfortable am I with  this text? Where is God in this story? How does it challenge my understanding of a loving God? How does it relate to my theology of the cross?

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